Do not tell the children!



When my children where younger and on many occasion’s I heard the parent’s saying that there kid’s and angels or children….would not eat healthy food’s even fruit.
So with this knowledge I used it without telling the kid’s.
They where eating more than there 5 a day every day.
I from this understanding found recipe’s that would suit anyone and all children whom stayed over our house ate everything. But then I was thinking….should I tell there mum too!!!! So yes of course we all need to know how to give all the right dietary things to people even the stubborn or fussy ones right!?
Well this is what we are very good at……..and our recipe is as versatile as the potato……..
keep an eye out for this business because we are coming and all you other pastry maker’s keep a closer eye on us……..We are good at producing the food’s that children really to often are put off by the wrong idea’s or role model’s. well we can do this for you we do all the thinking and you can get on with your busy day……..


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