Ways to use

There is nothing wrong with tradition!

The traditional cooking methods are suitable with a new flare on a more traditional recipe. The flavors and the versatility are well worth trying because our new pastry is flavor some with brilliant results.

Cooking with healthy pastry sweet or savory.

There are various ways you can cook our pastry from the original pie recipe to the versatile ways we have been using it for.

You can

pan fry in oil, deep fry, dry fry, grill roast griddle and barbecue our new super food pastry.

With 40 flavors and the versatility we offer with our secret recipe then you just have to try our new pastry recipe.

Why not play with the flavors.

If you take your wonderful cooking and any recipe which includes pastry, you could use our savory range from 20 flavors and it changes it. In a good way.

 It’s healthier it tastes great and bring’s new flavor’s.

 Which budding cook wouldn’t want to deliver good food  as all us good cook’s know we like to produce great food and we like to try new thing’s and if there is room for improvement then why not.

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