A new pastry. In 40 flavours.

Food science or just amazing food and a great recipe.? well we say its science super food and we will be soon offering another amazing batch of free samples and you need to sign up for the next batch as they go really fast. Imagine the new pastry with all you're favorite recipes. The most... Continue Reading →

Why choose us?!

There’s thousands of pastry recipe’s and every one has tried it and many eat it regular. Some worry about it and many appear to be in some kind of competition about it. But mostly its u… Source: Why choose us?!

Crazy ideas of our super foods!!

We love pastry and its that little stigma that sometimes get in the way to prevent some of us eating it. But we have come up with the ultimate super food recipe to replace it. keep your recipes and make them better!! Read more>


  You can make all of the recipe's you know love and already enjoy and you can make them even better. You can cook in new ways and try different thing's which any good cook or chef know that something knew will always tempt the taste buds. So let's make them dance.  

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